Step by step process of take over the laptop controlling own self as a friend not lover Boss or any other relationship

1)Before start Her function may connect adopter to the electricity (230 – volts 15 -Ampere 3 pin plugs 2) inform Nationality 3) choose keyboard type.4) installed a new e-mail address 🗝She have 14 digits pass word 🗝 5 Microsoft account Registration with using e-mail I’d ( if creating new password please use alphabetical order and hashtags numbers for 14 digits 6)Pin for access laptop machine (4 numbers) 7) Windows license link to the Microsoft 8) see properties having power quotation of information for hardware and software .9) Restart 10) Features update 11) Antivirus update carefully 12) HDD/SSD partition to many drives 13) Select C-drive and stinking (where ?) 14.) taskbar set 15) internal Graphics card setups16) Uninstalls unnecessary software 17) task Manager 18) Temporary file delete 19) Disk setup 20) Microsoft Office Register ,