Eligible genuine bidders technical capacity.

To, the purchase committee, WBTBCL, Kolkata (WB) India.11, B.T Road Belgharia. Kolkata 700056.

Subject:- Submission of Technical bid documents against the e-nit reference no: WBTBCL 2021 08-0014. Dated- 30/08/2021.

Respected Sir, Having genuine waste papers tradings dealership agency and sound technical capacity and experience in respect of all the criteria as mentioned in the subjected e- nit as specified in ITB 2.15.5 e, I wish to participate in this tender notice with the bid earnest money of Rs- 1500000/- Rupees Fifteen Lacs only deposited by way of scheduled formation instrument,s bearing no:………………………………..Dated……………………

Enclosing documents in supporting to that my business firm has been engaged in waste / scrap papers business for more than three financial years with much experience to collect, packaging and lifting the waste papers in seller premises and disposed off those raw to the paper mills pulping site directly . The payment will be made to the Corporation in advance before lifting of materials.Enclosing copies of PAN card GST lN registration evidence copy P.F & ESIC enrollments copy , audited I.T balance sheet for the three years (2017-18/2018-19/2019-20) annual turnovers standing suitable figures as per needed to the N.I.T. An indemnity bond in favoring to the WBTBCL about confirmation for made best of theirs financial loss if based on my corrupt practice as noted in the ITB2.3.1,and the letter of financial bid.

You are requested please evaluate my technical bid documents and permit for opening the same accordingly. Yours faithfully…….,,,,,,,,,……..,,,,,signature of tenderer.

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