Mercantile qualification for seeking License

To, The Assistant Director of Agriculture. Ranaghat, Nadia(WB) India. O/o the Ranaghat sub- divisional ADA. Municipal Buildings, Subhash Avenue,Po:- Ranaghat HPO, District:- Nadia, States:- West Bengal, Pin:- 741201.

Subject:- Submission of my mercantile affairs’ influences’ qualification for getting Agriculture Seeds Dealerships License (LOA) in favoring of M/S- Basak Beej Bhandar .

Respected Sir, I have been established my owner ship agriculture seeds business enterprises from the year 2010 with sufficient capacity of the inventory control for seeds quality at the letter headed address go-down point, which seeds items are collected from the efficient Farmers resources and keeping agriculture seasonal based stocks with make arrangements for the sun drying surface Handheld winnowing process for removes unwanted or low quality particles from the seeds. I’m creating good dealings with agriculture- seeds open market not sell for Industrial use. Provide capital money funds with deep communication with each of the customers ‘ Farmers’ creditors’ small level seeds suppliers and The community by selling upgrades quality ‘ maintenance real-time supply line involves own self with basic sense in agricultural plants growing season and thus year divisional method and supply latest seeds products to the whole sale and retail counter . Please accept my prayer application and grants the registered dealership status in favoring of my sole proprietorship seeds business enterprise as the Governments Licensed agriculture seeds trader running under the ADA Ranaghat authorities. Enclosed:-‘ Pan’ Aadhar’ Pass port photo Trade License’ registration fees of Rs-………..Rupees………..Receipt no……………..Dated……Qualification certificate issued from the existing license holder for wholesale agriculture seeds dealer’ copy of Land tax receipt Income tax return for the financial year 202o-21 . Yours faithfully,…..signatures of applicant. Dated……… for and on behalf of the owner of Basak beej bhander

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