Money transaction statement issue from banking authority

To, The Manager, SBI, Payradanga. Dist: Nadia. Payradanga main road, village: Natun GopalPur, Po: pritinagar, District: Nadia (West Bengal) pin: 741247. Subject:- Requesting for issue of my bank A/C statement about the money transaction during from dated 01/04/2020 to 31/03/2021. References: A/C no:- 10000000864. Respected Madam/ Sir, I have an A/C book with ours SBI. Bank branch for dealings my proprietorship Agricultural seeds tradings business ( BASAK Beej Bhander). With above subjected A/ C number. Please issue my banking money transaction statement regarding submission of my Income Taxes and making balance sheet during the financial year 2020-21 You may handover me the hard copies of said statement documents pages according to the dated mention above. I do agree to pay any bank charges in this respect . Yours sincerely, Signature-……………………………………..dated………………….For and on behalf BASAk BEEJ BHANDAR. Place Pritinagar District, Nadia ( WB) India.

money transaction

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