To the Secretary MWMWM, Mars, Universe . Story of the refusal an artifice inferior quaint exposed letter’s in writing. Part- 4

From:- The Security In charge.WLKROspot Pvt, Ltd.2nd unit Universal space estates campus,Bita Rajio Region Venus. Universe.

Sub:- Dismissal of the objection in ground of gutter press and ill-treatment and misguardianship in the execution from Your office about our growing XINWINGS-Xi crops. Ref:- Your opinion based letter against the harmony of the life of the universe.

Dear Sir , I do hear by acting as the mouthpiece of the Guild of ours general Staff and Public members and representing the essence of our Advisory meeting minutes in writing regarding to Your objection in previous letters. We the blue planet lifers are habitual receiver of the Universe to have and to hold them as ours an inheritance area we’re able to see inscribed of your screenshots and decided that the opinions from your organizations are invalid and has no reason to believe said stated facts mentioning where in. We are making effective our succession of XINWINGS-Xi/ Xii or any more subsistence in version. As well as acknowledging you to that the triplets error of electro magnetic field have been avoided by us through changed our manufacturing units dimensions in other times methods with supporting of the quantum theory, hence You are invited at our working sites (due to customarily predicable of the human’s behavior, ) but you would be taken proper safety during visiting our office accommodation and processes of production of software, accessories components soldering site, protected boundaries, Security stapes , anti virus rays tunnels etc, or virtually locusts and thus obliges. Yours Nearest Me, Stable Gyroscope. For on behalf of the WLKROSPOT,Pvt, Ltd, Date 07 August 2021.

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