Calibrated in accordance to the sequence.

Not a story only the dairy . part 1-A

She is an electronic machine capable to solving the mortal problems and manipulating data after composed subjects or take an options choose from limited quantity which she will be served. She will have to performed given operations under going through entered objects by ourselves but only for few of mathematical solutions and the logical results we expect from output supply prompt as have been designed themes at before as in the shape of programming language in storage devices built with semiconductor, Resistance units, stroking exact electric power change to other components with the capacitor cell , oscillating electro- magnetic field through coils and metal/stone material of magnet for making memories in the semiconductor made integrated circuits under conduction of synthetic big electro- magnetic field and thus bad energy occupied ourselves and active the electron proton neutron in our body cells nuclear of each elements and departed our emotional power to journey to a far from our intelligence.

After crunching the inputs data She will choose a copy sheet from her storehouse and move, compare it’s on many other symbols that we use to represent things as par our desire. Her stapes cover the option or active other ways according to a program created by the human custodian instruction with knowledge entangled thrived design.


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