Story of a work order by Fatality.Memo no:- w.o/supply /by-cycle driving software Dated:- 31 July 2021.

To the Assistant Manager,(Production & Supply) Armour Qurtze, Pvt. Ltd.An Informational Technology researchers Foundation. Play fair road.Durban, South Africa. From:- Hide the details against a password that may be forwarded when needed. Sub:- placing the work order for supplying only machine clones software with breeding capabilities for built new design to balance driving of by cycle (2/1 wheel) rides. Don’t using the Animals organisms or Cells. Ref:- Universal Tender Inviting notice live participatory on lime , No:- Ten/Uni/by-cycle- 2 wheeler/Software/2021-23/07. Dated:- 31july 2020

Dear Sir , we’re pleased to notice the costing price included pay the service charges amounts given from your hardware and software manufacturing business concerns and have been accepted by the authorized project committee to the our organization against the referenced UTI for supplying and installation of by-cycle movement restraint driving software for journey anywhere with carrying 80 k.g of extra materials in sizes of 6.5 feet /2.5 feet/1.5 feet.

You are requested please do something new creativities within date:-July 30 of 2023, otherwise the Bid EMD/ working security money deposit will be forfeited accordingly. Ever Yours , Bow Osmosis. Ex- Officious.

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