Story of our written maneuver part-3.

To the Managing Director, WLKROSPOT, Pvt, Ltd.Rajasthan, India (Home Addressee) . Sky villa cottage Mount Abu, Block -lll, Near Dilwar Temple, Besides of Nakki Lake ,Sirohi. Po:-Abu (so) J P Region, District:- Sirohi, Rajasthan (west), pin:- 307501.

From:- Joint Secretary, Administration & Development, MWMWM, Mars, Universe.

Sub:- Casual observation reports after survey of surrounding Universe’s

Dear Madam/Sir, I’m the undersigned solely affirmed that our welfare and non- profitable organizations have been perceived the weaving of XINWINGS -XI , by observing Her vivid arrivals stapes through updating the XINWINGS-X, operating system frequently but does not flash clear images instantly. We’re feeling an agitation for impending space wide tougher degeneration in the gravitational power and the intelligible fact and the objects which them to be assessed from the Universe those will be lost their shield during trembling of XINWINGS-XI harping as a result an multi-way gravitational tug- of-war started by interacting of forces between other galaxies. We don’t went to waste a second to resist the weaving length of computer algorithms with using triplet electro- Magnetic folds and You wii be lost the status of XINWINGS- X, and we will save our sun solar system from an inaugurated Black-Hole . You’re requested please adjustment suitably with restraining in Your computerized prospects and control journey with in loyalty to the Universal ethics. Yours sincerely. Eva Crystal. For MWMWM. Mars Headquarter Dated-30th July 2021.

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