Story of a written presentation.Part-2

From:- The chairperson WLKROspot Pvt. Ltd. Isla Bermaja Island ,Virtual Head Office’s Zone. Nearby Mexico City in the Earth (planet-3) The Sun solar system Milky Way Galaxy,Universe.

To, The Chief, MWMWM.Regional Head Office, Mars,Universe. O/o the Milky Way Manifestations whet Mission,Olympus Mons,Cave no -11, Zone _Pi#. Southern Highlands,Mars, planet-4 Under the Sun Solar system,Milky Way Galaxy Universe.

Sub:-Statement about our launches of the XINWINGS Xi Computer-program software.

Dear Madam/sir , As a Chair Person of the WLKROSPOT group of Companies, We the team of the Worthy Logistical Knowledge Resources Overhauled spots which is an IT solution providing company trying to overcome the Time factor by creating more and most speeds for getting heavy production through using the mathematics law rules to build a shape by measurement of place & time against adjustmentwith our Theory knowledge through of practically use.

We’re the Human like characteristics naturally wish to undergo by a new pathway that would be shorter to go to basic ends so we’re commencing the such type of Human kind research programming for exposing the XINWINGS-XI or more powerful software.

You are requested please be shipments the extreme technologies having you had and forfeited our XINWINGS-Xi transmission jobs and may be furnished operative Nails in ours operating software security systems. You are always well come to taken possession Yourselves at our blue planet in these regards. Yours sincerely Alja Smooth.

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