Story of miss representation in an application

To,The Component Authorities,WLKRO spot,Ltd, Isla Bermaja. Island. Near Maxico city in The Earth. Sub: Requesting for grant this application maybe as the story only.

Respected Madam/ Sir, We are arriving from a far of Yours planet in the Earth for putting limitations on flyings wings of XINWINGS -Xi software made from Yours IT,company We do not allowed this software in previously while they launched XINWINGS- X after ‘ VII version

But the company (WLKROspot,Ltd ,recently trying to lunching the XINWINGS-XI, without obeying protocols.We are anxiously targeting this acting and finds that the researcher program already have been taken long time ago for winning the virtual universe space solely.

As the chief of the Milky Way Manifestation Whet Mission (MWMWM) an organization having empowered by the restrained of imitation act HO:-Mars, and so that I could not be permitted these types of over smart behaviors for safety ours milky way galaxy.

Here with I am explaining off our angst for that the semiconductor elements are so essential for tweaking the matter through lodging interaction themselves with among of other materials stacked or to be growing in the universe and finding such scarce garner only at the earth. The companies are gathering its in more short place in the transistor integrated circuits as for updates to a latest generation only not a discover fundamentally.

The computer users are destroying these golden metal for materialize of the electromagnetic field by oscillating the coils, capacitor, transistor, IC, resistor magnate through control of electric current’s supply straddle voltage ,tides ampere intensity of variable resistances till their end of life onwards left ashes to the Universe.

You’re requested please stop the enactment of XI expansion and not to effective to the end for production of life or grow the new environment or an alien from your computer program output and thus obliges. Yours sincerely . Akd Enclosed:- Service work order

Solicited favorable warrant as early as possible

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